7 May 2011
-misae EN1234567 MY

Post ekspress
Cheap and Easy 
  • Rm4.50 (2 to 5 pieces) for shawls
  • RM4.50 (for 1 or 2 items)  * according to item purchased ^^
  • RM 7.00 (3pieces n above) *
* Tp sekarang mcm byk prob gune pos misae recommend gune pos laju~^^
*POS EKS not recommended for apartment houses ya~yang ade mail box bole ^^

    Pos Laju
    Pos Laju will be based on parcel weight:
    * abit expensive compared 2 pos eks,
    • 1 -2 items : RM 7.00 (EM)
    • 3-4 items: RM 8-RM9.00
    Ladies~ i will not charge any additional fee on postage kay~ so if the post cost about RM3.50. I will give u the balance in the parcel..olrite ? *except for postlaju ok?^^ so happy shopping!